Of Calamity and Sorrow

by Empty

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Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Trae Roberts - TSS Entertainment in Montpelier, Indiana


released April 27, 2016

Anthony Hubbard - Lead Guitar/Vocals/Literature
Joseph Kaufman - Drums/Vocals/Literature
Adam Araque - Guitar
Taylor Murley - Bass/Vocals

Trae Roberts - Engineering



all rights reserved


Empty Auburn, Indiana


Auburn, Indiana

Northeastern Indiana heavy music.

"Of Calamity and Sorrow" out now!

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Track Name: Eternal Restlessness

Start Again
Turn the page and begin again

Start again

Burn that bridge
Clench your fist
Call it quits

Start Again

It Starts with a feeling
Right in the center
These are the things I can't change

I can't change

Start again
Turn the page, We'll begin again

Start again

Turn the page again
Tear me limb from limb
I soaked myself in this

Sew me up again
Time to call it quits
Wrapped myself in dirt
My confidant

Run, I'm just trying to start again

I'm just trying to start again
Track Name: The Cliffs
Life was just beginning

Come now, Cold
I embrace
I feel your hands
Take me away

This is not how life was supposed to be

Soul leaves body
Blue eyes fade grey
If I kill only what I hate
Can the good be saved?

Embers of grey
Isles of grey
Like shipwrecks,
We fade away

Life was just beginning

Precipice, you know me best
Track Name: Departure
"... and now, you shall be banished from the lands. Forever to float in the eternally empty seas. The darkness will doom you. An emptiness will consume you. When nothingness is all you see. Now, go."

The life once you lived
Has withered away
A wife once beside you
Now never again
Your children cry for you
They're screaming your name
A name of a vacant, empty shell of a man

An empty shell of a man

Out here alone
with only this vessel
Being accused of something so fatal
Now lonesomely floating
To meet your end
Upon a sea which never ends...

This place so unnerving
Sends chills down your spine
Your body now cringes
You've become so blind

Asleep in delusions
Is it night or day?
You feel a strange presence
Are you dying today
In an empty sea of blankness
There should be no bay
You've now been stranded on an isle of grey
Track Name: The Dream From The First Night
"The Punishment is exile."

And that was the dream from the first night
Track Name: The Flesh Painter (Featuring Trae Roberts)
An occult ridden house
once burnt to the ground
The Foundation remains in place
Upon this day of
Riddance of Earth
One victim it did take
The youngest to ever see these walls
Was locked in a cellar closet
He screamed and he cried
As he slowly died
A burial of ash and fire

He awakens
his place of rest
Somehow escaping his ties of death
Brought back now into this miserable world
and now seeking a hateful revenge

One thousand years
In darkness and hate
Eternally rotting flesh
Contiguously string about his walls
Maggots consuming all of what falls

Stripped from his breathing victims
Stretch upon a frame it seems
Stretched out like canvas
He then paints of his broken, stolen dreams

Screams from his living victims
heard deep throughout the darkened forest
Don't ever find yourself astray
On this blackened isle of grey

"From the power of the darkness, you'll rise again. Take now, your much needed revenge. Take it all back now ever so well, as you walk through the flood gates of Hell."
Track Name: As Far Into The Fog As She Could See
The air is damp
It fills my lungs
Not warm, not cold
Grey, not gold

I held the rope
To stay afloat
It burnt my hands
So I let go

So here's the fog
This is where I walk

I took short steps
Between short breaths
Is this the end
Is this where I roam?

As far into the fog as she could see

Oh, to be free

As far into the fog as she could see